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About   Bailey And Gillbee Families
This site is dedicated to my parents ROY WILLIAM JAMES BAILEY and VALDA ISOBEL GILLBEE. It is a labour of love to my siblings and my children and grandchildren, and all that come after them. It is our ancestors story, it is your story and mine; it is our story and one that is unique to us and I hope I can do justice in the telling of it. There are many, many of our ancestors who have played a part in this wonderful family tapestry of their lives and I am honored to have been able to take a small peep into what those lives were about and how they lived them. Their lives were as diverse as the backgrounds that they came from: the times that they lived in and the Socio-Economic structure that was part of their everyday living,depending on the country and era. Our ancestors came from such places as the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucester,which conjures up romantic imaginations of royal hunters of the Cromwell era, the discovery of gold, silver and bronze coins left there by the Normans predating Caeser Augustus times, to the stark reality of everyday forest life from the 1500s where they logged wood, mined iron and coal and lived in tiny shacks and cottages along the river Severn. They came from many small villages such as West Winch in Norfolk and Wingrave in Buckingham where many people were born and died, never leaving the town and attending the same schools and churches as their forebearers did many generations ago.Our ancesters were also from Cherry Burton and Beverley in Yorkshire and small villages such as Chitterne and Tilshead in Wiltshire where they farmed or worked at the manors or the horse racing stables in the district. They also came from Kent and London where some of the more fortunate were able to marry and baptize in St Pauls Cathedral which would have been somewhat grand. Some of them immigrated to places such as Virginia, Peurto Rico, Australia,Scotland France, New Zealand and other places that I haven't yet researched: we are scattered far and wide, yet today we are able to reach them with just a touch of a key board. Our ancestors were wealthy, poor, beggars, priests, royals, seamen, soldiers, actors, matron/midwives, surgeons, lawyers, merchants, ladies in waiting, convicts, drunkards, rascals and rogues; they were all of those things all unique in their own right and I am proud to be part of it.


I have really tried to tell an accurate story here, I have used many,many resources in compiling this family history. Most of the usual ones are listed under "SOURCES" and I have a lot of people to thank for information that I have gathered diligently over several years. Hopefully most of it is true, but as I have found over many years of research, peoples' memories fade, or their slant on an event is completely different to what you have been told. With this in mind I have tried to get around family myths, legends, bad memories,sometimes a reluctance to impart their knowledge of a person or event fantasies and downright lies and cover ups. This work will never finish and I apologise to those I have unintentionally omitted, please feel free to contact me to correct this. YOU WILL FIND INFORMATION NOT JUST ON THE HOME PAGE, BUT IN STORIES, LINKS AND RELATIVES NOTES, WHICH I HOPE WILL BE USEFUL .


MY AUSTRALIAN PIONEERING FAMILIES Henry lye and his wife Mary cable arrived on the ship tartar 1857 There were at least two different Male families . The first were On the ship George Fyffe July 1841 Simeon aged 33 Esther aged 29 Samuel aged 7 Betsey aged 4 Anna aged 2 There is also a Thomas that arrived with them Is aged 28 and will be a cousin or Brother to Simeon The next lot of family arrived also arrived on the ship George Fyffe in January 1855 names are Elias 26 Elizabeth 5 Eliza 27 Martha 32 Anna Simeon 68 Thomas and Eliza Badwick(Badrick) and children John, George and Emily left London 7th Jan 1874 on the ship Alexandria sailing for Brisbane 11th April 1874 William Hales arrived on the ship "La Belle Alliance"from London to Adelaide 7th Feb 1847 Edmund Hales arrived on the ship 'Salem" on 25th May 1857 aged 23 Liverpool to Melbourne William Mudge with wife Susannah Lear and children, Sarah Grace, Mary Lear, William, Susannah, Agnes, Emily Ernestina and Henry . Arrived on the ship Agincourt from London arriving in South Australia 2 January 1850. William Cock, wife Susannah Teague,children William, Mary Ann, Thomas, John Teague arrived in South Australia on the ship Waterloo on the 11th September 1840 from London via Falmouth. Alexander Crockett and his wife Ann Robb with children Christina, Ellen, Isabella arrived from Plymouth To Hobsons Bay Victoria on the Ship Constance 27th October 1851 nationality Scottish . Jonah Ward and his wife Rachel and family from UK to Victoria on board the ship "Royal Standard "in December 1865 with children George, Isabella, James,John, Jonah, Mary, Thomas, William. Mary Livingston born Leith Scotland arrived Adelaide on the "Sacramento"22/11/1850 then went on to Port Phillip. Victoria Robert Kemp and wife Elizabeth Jane Peterson and child arrived on board "Louisa Baillie" 3/9/1849 from London via Plymouth for Adelaide. Phillip Langmead and wife Mary, with Edwin, Alkanah, Em, Ed. From London On board ship "Moffatt" 19/12 1839 to Adelaide Charles Pitman aged 50 and wife Martha Paull aged 50 from Somerset England to Sydney on board the ship "Talavera" arriving in 1853 with family , Leah 27, listed as Leath, and there is a Benjamin Pitman on board also but aged only 7 George Humphrey and his wife Joanna Green From Bucks England to Adelaide South Australia on board the ship "phoebe" 1846. Their child Elizabeth was born on the journey 1846. Henry Humphrey arrived on the ship "phoebe" with his brothers April 1846 for Adelaide. Thomas Humphrey and Hannah Watkins arrived on the ship "Phoebe" April 1846 for Adelaide. Thomas Dabinett,his wife Emily (Davis)left Somerset England 1910 with some of their children, Blanche, Robert F, Sidney, Lily and Elsie, arriving on the ship "Otranto" on the 20th Jan 1911 for Adelaide, South australia. John Bailey and Mary Parsons ship "WESTMINSTER" 1841 child, Winifred Parsons Bailey died on board. Walter Gillbee and Hannah Catchpole and family ship "MOBILE" 1852 with William, Hannah, George, Isabel, Mary, Deborah. William Attewell and Mary Smith 1850 ship "MAITLAND" with Thomas and Mary Ann George Tait and Grace Stevenson 1849 ship "JAMES GIBBS" with Robert James Frederick Elmore 1868 ship "LUCIBELLE" Joseph Humphrey and Frances Rodwell 1847 ship"CRESSY" with Rhoda, Elizabeth. William Spencer and Maicy Cook on board the ship "FAIRLIE" 1840 with John, Elizabeth, William, Ann, Cook, Jane, Hannah and George. Hellen Foyle and James Grant arrived on the ship "Lord Goderich" 15th april 1838 Esther Elizabeth Gillbee came on the ship "Marco Polo "28th May 1853. Foyel/Foyle /foyal/ Fanny, Sarah, Charlotte nee Frankham and husband John, Edwin and wife Mary Ann nee Price on board the "DAVID MALCOLM" 1848. James Stewart.As far as I can be sure I have James Stewart arriving on the ship "BROOKSBY"from Glascow at Port Phillip Bay 26th Oct 1852.. James Kendall and wife Elizabeth Teague on the Ship "ORLEANA" 1842 TO Tasmania Robert and Margaret Atkinson arrived on the ship great Victoria 28 nov 1864 with robert 11 Isabella 13 matthew6 jane 4 mary infant also came with brother inlaw james Dowson aged 16 another Dowson family also listed David Stevenson wife Janet children Agnes aged 10 Elizabeth aged 5 John aged 2 arrived 9th June 1859 on the ship British Trident. TAKE NOW THE FRUIT OF OUR LABOUR, NOURISH AND GUARD IT WITH CARE, FOR OUR YOUTH IS SPENT, AND OUR BACKS ARE BENT. AND THE SNOW IS ON OUR HAIR. -poem by Frank Hudson WALKING,I AM LISTENING TO A DEEPER WAY. SUDDENLY ALL MY ANCESTORS ARE BEHIND ME. BE STILL THEY SAY,WATCH AND LISTEN. YOU ARE THE RESULT OF THE LOVE OF THOUSANDS. LINDA HOGAN.
Thank you my friend Dr Patricia Ellis AM ,this site was possible through her generous assistance. rest peacefully.
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